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What is the scope of the liability insurance contract for motor vehicle owners

Indemnity under liability motor insurance is payable when the motor vehicle owner or driver is obliged to indemnify a third party for a loss caused in relation to the vehicle movement, resulting in death, bodily harm, health impairment (i.e. damage to person) or for property being lost, destroyed or damaged (damage to property).

Liability motor insurance covers liability of any person who, while driving a motor vehicle throughout the term of the insurance liability, caused a damage in connection with the vehicle movement.

Please remember that damage sustained in connection with the motor vehicle movement also includes damage sustained when and in connection with:

  • getting on or off a motor vehicle;
  • directly loading and unloading a motor vehicle;
  • stopping or parking a motor vehicle.

When is the obligatory liability insurance for motor vehicle owners not applicable?

In accordance with the act, the insurer is not liable for damages:

  • inflicted on oneself;
  • sustained by loads, shipments or luggage transported against payment unless the liability for damage rests with the owner of a vehicle other than the vehicle transporting these items;
  • consisting in losing jewellery, cash, securities etc.;
  • consisting in environmental pollution or contamination.

In addition, the insurance company has the right to seek against the motor vehicle driver a reimbursement of the indemnity disbursed under liability insurance for motor vehicle owners, if the driver:

  • caused the damage deliberately, while driving after drinking alcohol or in a state of intoxication or after using drugs, psychotropic substances or substitute substances as defined in the regulations on drug addiction prevention;

  • has taken possession of the vehicle as a result of a crime;

  • did not have the required license to drive a motor vehicle, except in cases where the purpose was to save human life or property or to chase a criminal immediately after the crime was committed;

  • left the scene of the accident.


What is the guarantee amount in the liability insurance?

The guarantee amount is the sum insured, which is the upper limit of the insurer’s liability. For damages caused in countries other than Poland, the insurer is liable up to the guarantee amount applicable in a given country, however, not lower than the guarantee amounts described below.

Since 11 June 2012, the guarantee amounts have been as follows:

  • for damage to person - personal injury – EUR 5 000 000 for one event whose consequences are covered by insurance, regardless of the number of the injured parties;
  • for damage to property - property injury – EUR 1 000 000 for one event whose consequences are covered by insurance, regardless of the number of the injured parties;

It is possible to increase the sum insured to exceed the guarantee amount, at the vehicle owner’s request and at an extra premium.


What is the benefit of GAP insurance?

In the event of a total loss, there are obligations to settle upon terminating the business lease contract. The indemnity disbursed as part of GAP insurance may cover a greater part or may be earmarked for a new business lease contract.


What is the benefit of CPI insurance?

CPI is a lease insurance that guarantees continued payment of financial liabilities in the event of unforeseen health and life events that would prevent you from settling your lease liabilities.

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