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What to do if I have not received an invoice?

We use our best efforts to deliver invoices by the payment term of relevant instalment. Please contact us in case of any delays. We will immediately send a duplicate document.



What information can be found on an invoice?

An invoice contains an individual order number, issuing date, selling date, payment term, number of the lease contract an invoice refers to and a special dedicated bank account to which payment for a periodic instalment should be transferred.

Please take good care to properly enter in the transfer document the account number provided.

The invoice document also features the instalment amount (net, VAT and gross amounts) and guarantee deposit amount, interest note or a buy-out deposit (if any).

Please pay special attention to the summary amount, as this will be  the amount payable.


An interest note has been charged to me, the description of which I can see on the invoice but I have not received the interest note itself. Can I receive it?

The interest note reflects interest charged in a given period. It meets all the requirements of the accounting act, containing the issuing date, number, amount and period it covers. The amount of extra interest charged can be found in the contract of lease.

To receive the document or detailed information:


What to do if I received an invoice for additional operations and I am not sure if I actually performed them?

To receive detailed information on the reasons for the fee, please contact us:


What should I do if the periodical instalment amount on the invoice raises my concern?

Amounts on invoices stem from the provisions of the lease contract. The contract may be concluded with a fixed or variable interest rate (with fluctuation of interest rates being the factor influencing the instalment amount variation), in the national or foreign currency (with exchange rate for a given currency being the factor influencing the instalment amount variation).

Other components are added to the instalment, such as security deposit (it stems from the proposed contract, road tax or insurance – payable on a monthly or an annual basis).

If the amount on the invoice raises your concern, first check the provisions regarding the leasing instalment amount and its components.

Please contact us, should you have any questions:


Thank you for reading the above information. If you have not found the information you need, please contact our department:

Before calling us, please prepare the number of at least one contract signed with Millennium Leasing to speed up the handling of the problem reported.


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