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Multi-year insurance is the best value form of motor insurance that we offer to our clients as part of lease contracts concluded.

Thanks to partnership with PZU S.A., Ergo Hestia, Compensa and Link4, we offer fixed insurance premiums throughout the term of the lease contract for :

  • brand new vehicles,
  • second hand vehicles that have been used for no more than 3 years,
  • passenger cars and test-approved trucks, tractor units, semi-trailers and trailers.

At the same time, we guarantee spreading out the insurance costs into advantageous monthly instalments that will be added to the finance instalments, thus being invisible and convenient to pay for our clients.

Why is it worth buying insurance for the entire leasing period already today?

  • guaranteed fixed and unchanging insurance premium throughout the entire leasing period;
  • guaranteed fixed insurance price regardless of the number of claims in the leasing period;
  • no need to pay an extra premium due to disbursement of damages;
  • predefined percentage depreciation of the vehicle in every month of the lease contract term;
  • no extra fees related to spreading a premium out into instalments.

If you want to ensure safety to yourself and your close ones and, at the same time, you care about real financial benefits, ask about the multi-year insurance offer! Write to us

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